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Behaviour Games Treasure Chest and Familiarisation Learning Programme

"Ready to Deliver" Behaviour Games Experiential Workshop Toolkit

Hit the ground running with a single facilitator license to your very own Behaviour Games Treasure Chest of 200+ activities. You can stack these together to create your experiential workshops, boot camps (booties) and events. This package is fabulous for trainers and facilitators who want to save time and resources on design, but still sprinkle their creativity/genius into their sessions. You get access to 200+ distinct group activities.

What we have found is that when it comes to designing these sessions, facilitators want to save time and access resources that are proven to get great results every time. 

Deliver Powerful Experiential Workshops - Familiarisation Programme

You are not alone. Regardless how experienced you are, we believe having access to a familiarisation learning programme is critical to understand how to get the best from this amazing resource. This blended learning programme gives you a thorough understanding of our EPIC methodology (Experiential, Playful, Iterative, Collaborative) and the accelerated transformational journey, IEGS (Ignite, Embed, Grow and Sustain). As a workplace behaviour method, EPIC is highly validated and proven to accelerate behaviour and culture change. This programme also helps you develop the confidence and  techniques to harness the power of the Behaviour Games during your delivery.  The result? Deliver life-changing behaviour and culture transformation events to any size group - in a face to face, or a virtual environment. 

What you get in this introduction package:

  • Experiential Behaviour Games Facilitation Familiarisation Programme.
  • A single facilitator's license of use of the Behaviour Games Workshop Activity Treasure Chest.
  • Regular Webinars.
  • Facilitation Guides.
  • Latest Research and Whitepapers.
  • TalkTribe Behaviour Games Community Platform:
    • Share Learning, Ideation and Networking with Like-Minded Industry Colleagues.
  • Discounts on all programmes, products and services from the Virtual Coffeehouse.

This package includes the learning modules to ensure you can harness the power of the Experiential Behaviour Games activities and understand how to 'stack' and 'fuse' them to create experiential workshops and events (face to face or virtual). 

  • The Treasure Chest of 200+ Behaviour Games activities will be added to your learning programme account once you are set up.
  • Behaviour Games and Mind Nudging are protected by International Copyright, and we have made it simple to access and use.
  • This saves you 80-90% design time and allows you to focus on delivering the most effective learning experience and outcomes for your participants. 
  • Behaviour Games are not just 'warm-up' activities to make training sessions 'more interesting,' although they would make training more interesting and engaging. They are designed to 'stack' together to create sessions that transform thinking and behaviour. I.e. rather than information-based training, they are designed to deliver transformational development, otherwise known as learner-centred development.   

Join our TALKTRIBE community, let's learn and create together!

6 Segments

Segment One: Welcome: Introduction to Experiential Learning andFacilitation

A welcome from Fi Hills!

Here is an introduction and overview of the programme.

Fi outlines what is involved and what you can expect as learning outcomes and takeaways from the whole learning experience.

Segment Two: Why Experiential Learning and Facilitation?

Participants learn not by fear of mistakes, but only when the environment is psychologically safe. Experiential Learning (EL) and Experiential Facilitation (EF) is designed to engage participants' emotions, as well as transforming their knowledge and skills. In this video we will explore those reasons and drivers behind this sudden paradigm shift. 

Segment Three: EPIC Methodology

While it may seem obvious why we need shift to a more experiential approach to learning and facilitation, it is essential to really understand the drivers behind this global shift in the way we deliver face to face and virtual workshops and events in our workplaces. In this segment, we are going to explore the drivers and the rationale.

Segment Four: Understanding the Behaviour Games Activity Structure

All Behaviour Games activities are designed following the EPIC methodology, so the follow a structure. That way you know you are following a rigorous experiential process, which leaves enough room for your creative genius! Let's explore...  

Segment Five: Neuroscience of Experiential Learning and Play

Playful learning and gamification are now a vital part of the workplace learning landscape. As a facilitator we must understand why we need it and how best to design and deliver it.  

Analogue Workshop Signs

Analogue signs and props are really important to use when facilitating a virtual workshop or creative meeting (for that matter any meeting!). Here are a few signs that are ready to print. We recommend you print them 8 X 8 inches or 20 X 20 cms. More to come and give us your ideas!

Segments for this programme 6
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